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  • PORTAL 47! Take a Trek "deep dive" and check out all the monthly features of my pioneering backstage fan experience.
  • Want to get my ARCHIVE ITEMS? I'm letting go of various studio, non-retail pieces, but the ONLY way to know "when and what" is by joining the TREKLAND TRUNK Facebook page or Twitter for when I let some very rare items go... No better path to unique Trek gifts. And watch for the non-Ebay auctions on Facebook, too!
  • Star Trek Continues now has FIVE free epsiodes online , where I serve as Creative Consultant after twice playing McCoy. See it today! (Still want to help after our successful "Kirkstarters"? Check here!)


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WelcomeThanks for checking out my window on the passing Star Trek parade—past, present and future. After all these years living and working in Trekland, you never know who will stop by—or what goodies I’ll pull from the files. Come back often—and please, sound off!