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In the tradition of grassroots support, we’ve decided to offer Star Trek fans, pop culture buffs and my misguided friends alike a means to be able to help make THE CON OF WRATH a reality with a donation at any of eight levels. And in the spirit of the online times, we’ve made it as easy as possible, via Paypal link (see below) —and to offer these gifts in honor of your support of our modest-budget project.

Our goal is $10,000 for Phase I of shooting—simple by airplane tickets, gear and travel expenses. Phase II for support, and then post-production will follow—but for right the focus is shooting as many relevant voices, faces and recollections as we can.




A printable high resolution digital copy of the poster for The Con of Wrath and three different digital wallpaper images for your desktop.



$10 pledge pkg items plus an 11.5x17.5-inch printed The Con of Wrath poster.



$10 pledge pkg. items plus an 18x24-inch printed The Con of Wrath poster.



$10 pledge pkg. items plus a 24x36-inch full size The Con of Wrath poster signed by the producers of the documentary film.



$100 pledge pkg. plus a soft cover bound copy of the continuity script of The Con of Wrath and a DVD of the film with exclusive limited edition footage.



$100 pledge pkg. plus a limited edition Hard Cover copy of the continuity script of The Con of Wrath, signed and personalized by the producers, as well as a DVD of the film with exclusive limited edition footage.



$500 pledge pkg. plus a commemorative coin in a real rosewood case (one of only 100 produced) AND a copy of the ORIGINAL 1982 “Ultimate Fantasy” program book—NOT a reprint!



Whoa! The $1000 pledge pkg., plus a The Con of Wrath jacket, an extremely limited edition custom-made The Con of Wrath watch … AND co-producer screen credit on the film.




Give with confidence


This link button we use for pledges is the fundraiser/donation program offered by Paypal, so you know it is safe and secure. This also allows you to give contact information so we can get your screen credit correct and then get your gifts to you—but all information will otherwise remain confidential.

However, you can always send a check instead, using our mail address.

Donors who wish to remain anonymous (and waive screen credit and/or a gift package) can also use a check or money order, and indicate clearly their special wishes. Checks can be mailed to our regular office:

The Con of Wrath
c/o Mystar Media
8608 Foothill Blvd., #204
Sunland, CA 91040


Legal stuff

I am sincerely appreciative of each and every gift, and grateful to have you along for even a small part of this process. Please note that any donation made here is solely a contribution, however, and does not signify or purchase ownership or equity in THE CON OF WRATH in any way. We offer these gifts, as do PBS and NPR telethon stations, for example, as a physical and collectible token of gratitude for your taking part. Thank-you gifts will be distributed upon deliviery of the film, or as soon as possible—obviously, in the case of DVDs and scripts. I must make the caveat that no donations can be returned in the unlikely, worst-case event that the film not come to pass, but that is not our intention—and all completed premiums will be disbursed in any case.

Again, none of us would be working on this project as a labor of love if we did not believe it had a future and great possibilities. And those of you who know my work—eight years of Communicator magazine, the TNG Companion, Trekland, Star Trek: Stellar Cartography, Star Trek Continues, OKC's ThunderCon, the Fact Files, the Blu-ray/DVD features, the special projects like World Tour and The Experience—can believe in any project that has my name on it.


Most of all, thank you!

I've never sought funding for a project before, so I can't say it enough: Thanks for your interest, your trust, and your passion for Star Trek, its people and fandom, and helping to preserve even more of the incredible history that’s made us what we are today—wacky though it may be!

On behalf of our burgeoning crew—cameraman/DP Neal Hallford, editor David Dobson, artist Kevin Hopkins and more on the way—and all the folks in Houston, Hollywood and elsewhere who were a part of the original event, I can't wait for everyone to see just that kind of history critter ... with The Con of Wrath.



If you have any further questions or concerns I’d be more than happy to answer them directly at the usual email or mail address shown on our Mystar Media contact page.